Bang For Your Buck

Sellers always want to know why their home did not sell at all, for as much as the neighbors, or as fast as the one down the block.

There is never any one reason. Many variables factor into each sale... location, layout, price, amenities...etc.

Buyers these days are well informed and want to move into a home that fits their needs and desires. Very few Buyers want to purchase a home and think - well now we can rip it apart and add even more money to freshen it up a bit.

So what do Sellers do to get a higher selling price? What are the best ideas or things to fix up for Buyers?

Kitchen and Bathrooms plain and simple. Yes the kitchen may be functional and was lovely when you first purchased the home, but today's Buyers want fresh and modern. You can tell if money has been spent on a home when looking in the kitchen and baths. This is where many of today's homeowners spend most of their time these days.

Kitchens - Think traditional wood cabinets, stainless large capacity appliances with wood or stone flooring and counter tops. Modern lighting that gives off plenty of bright light. Neutral colored paint on the walls. Sorry ditch the wall paper.

Baths - Over-sized walk in showers are desired over the outdated whirlpool tub and floor-to-ceiling steam showers are hot these days! Again modern light fixtures with large amounts of light. Freshen up the vanity and counter tops to stone and frame the mirrors.

If there is a limited amount of baths in the house, instead of shelling out too much redoing existing, think about adding one for better functionality.

My Clients are my top priority, it's my privilege to earn your referral.

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